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Ccanter HeadshotSince graduating from Walden House, I have gone on to become a successful non-profit leader and helped to raise millions of dollars to support human service and youth development organizations in our community. In my personal life, I am a loving husband and proud father of twin boys. I am a home owner, volunteer and mentor. Without Walden House, this would not have been possible.

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The Mental Health Training Program at HealthRIGHT 360 provides specialized training in the treatment of dual diagnosis for students in Master’s and Doctoral degree programs in psychology, MSW, MFT, and other social welfare from graduate programs in the Bay Area. Our practicum program is part of the Bay Area Practicum Information Collaborative.

Practicum students learn evidenced-based treatment models, which include Motivational Interviewing, Dialectical Behavior Skills training, and Seeking Safety to effectively treat our clients in both outpatient and residential treatment settings. In the upcoming year, the agency is also committed to increasing the use of Mindfulness-based treatment interventions in clinical programming.

What will the students do?

Students provide individual psychotherapy and skills-based groups to clients in early recovery from co-occurring disorders. All students will have an opportunity to facilitate or co-facilitate groups, and many start their own groups at some point during the training year. There are also opportunities for doctoral students to administer psychological testing contingent on availability of of referrals, prior training in this area, and outside supervision. Students assist the counseling staff in determining and addressing issues of potential self-harm; thus, they are able to intervene in crisis situations. They attend and participate in team meetings and consult regularly with our agency physicians about medication referral and course of treatment. For the most part, they assume the same clinical responsibilities expected of the mental health staff.

The need for Mental Health Students/Interns

With the limited availability of mental health staffing due in large part to fiscal restraints, the students are able to provide much needed mental health services to individuals who might otherwise be denied. The Mental Health Training Program provides essential help to our clients with co-occurring disorders and trains the next generation of psychotherapists in the specialized principles and application of treatment for a very significant segment of the mental health population.

How to apply

Thank you for your interest in our training program. If you are interested in applying for the HealthRIGHT360 Mental Health Training Program, please email ( or mail an application packet which includes a cover letter, curriculum vita, graduate transcripts (unofficial are acceptable), and three letters of recommendation by March 6, 2015 to:

HealthRIGHT 360
Dr. Gregory Kraft
Lic. Psychologist PSY 7492
Mental Health Training Director
890 Hayes Street
San Francisco, CA 94117

Please check the BAPIC website for more information about our training program and the BAPIC process.

Offers will be made to candidates in coordination with the BAPIC match date..