Behavioral Health Director

Job Overview

Lyon Martin Health Services/Women's Community Clinic provides excellent health care to transgender and gender variant people, and to cisgender heterosexual women, bisexual women, lesbians and in a safe and compassionate environment, with sensitivity to sexual orientation, gender identity, race/ethnicity, immigration, and socioeconomic status. With a combined years of service of over 60 years, the clinic strives to improve the health and well-being of the communities we serve through quality care. We believe that client-centered care is essential to lifelong well-being and that all people deserve excellent health care. We work hard to ensure that each client feels comfortable and safe using their voice to direct the care they receive.

The Behavioral Health Director (BHD) is a member of the senior leadership team.  The BHD acts as a clinical leader by providing strategic vision, implementing program, and attending to the overall performance of the behavioral health (BH) department.  The BHD is responsible for oversight of the BH clinical practice, including mental health and substance use disorder treatment, maximizing access to care, and ensuring high quality care for patients. The BHD demonstrates expertise in LGBTQ and women’s health care. Additionally, the BHD provides behavioral health care, including mental health and substance use disorder treatment, with expertise in LGBTQ and women’s health to a caseload of patients on a part-time basis.  The BHD ensures the BH program and all BH staff are part of the integrated healthcare team and coordinates BH care with that of other services such as primary care, trans care, women’s health, and psychiatry. The BHD works with the leadership to act as a change champion for practice transformation and maximization. The BHD may be required to work evenings and weekends.

Key Responsibilities

Leadership responsibilities

  • Develop a strategic plan for the behavioral health department addressing financial and budgetary issues as well as evaluation and performance improvement.
  • Oversee behavioral health program functioning, operations, and achievement of visit and quality care targets.
  • Increase connections in the community, including those with San Francisco City and County agencies, and develop and maintain transfer agreements with agencies providing needed services (e.g., residential care).
  • Strengthen and diversify current programs both within the behavioral health program and integrated services with primary care, ensuring appropriate safety and quality care in accordance with current practices and standards of care; appropriate licensing regulations; local, state & federal law.
  • Increase staff competencies and satisfaction, both within the behavioral health department and throughout the organization, including improvement in cultural and linguistic competency with regards to race, ethnicity, sexual orientation and gender identity/expression
  • Hire, orient, train, schedule, supervise, evaluate and terminate all clinical and integrative behavioral health staff, and ensure that they follow all clinic policies, procedures and protocols appropriately.
  • Represent the clinic at and/or attend conferences, in-service trainings, and meetings at the request or with approval of supervisor.
  • Complete all mandatory trainings on an annual basis and ensures staff are up to date with trainings.
  • Comply with all aspects of HR360  Policies and Procedures as well as all clinic agreements with insurers and other entities, and all applicable statutes, regulations, governmental agency guidelines, and non-governmental oversight body requirements that place requirements on the clinic.
  • Active participant in clinic leadership team meetings and multidisciplinary leadership team meetings.

Clinical Care Responsibilities

  • Provide quality, sensitive behavioral health care to patients on a part-time basis, including: crisis intervention, psychosocial assessments, brief behavioral interventions, supportive short-term counseling/psychotherapy and appropriate internal/external referrals. 
  • Expertise in behavioral health care for LGBTQ communities
  • Evaluates, diagnoses and manages mental illness/substance use disorder within individual client sessions;
  • successfully de-escalates clients in psychiatric or emotional management emergencies; facilitates group therapy which fosters safety and consistency;
  • utilizes appropriate referral and collateral sources to best support each client;
  • uses tests, measurements, and measurement scales for general and specific assessments as well as objective patient criteria in the provision of services and evaluation procedures;
  • documents care promptly following charting protocols and applicable California licensing requirements;
  • works collaboratively with primary care staff to facilitate integration between primary care and mental health in order to improve patient outcomes;
  • seeks training opportunities to improve skills which support the mission and attends continuing professional education programs as appropriate

Administrative - Supervision Responsibilities:

  • Provides administrative supervision for BH staff, including timesheet approval, time off approvals, scheduling.
  • Provides direct supervision, including performance review and clinical supervision, to BH staff.
  • Supports clinic operations in maximizing access to care for patients.
  • Provides input in to operational efficiencies.
  • Provides support for records requests, audits, subpoenas, grievances, etc.

Performance and Quality Improvement Responsibilities:

  • Meets benchmarks for applicable visit numbers and quality indicators as assigned
  • meet benchmarks for all contract and grant deliverables;
  • strong initiative and enthusiasm and willingness to pitch in whenever needed;
  • Leads and assists in continuous quality improvement through on-going problem/needs identification and problem solving and, as requested, acts as change champion or lead in improvement activities.
  • Champion for QI efforts and practice transformation, as appropriate, in the BH department and in collaboration with other services areas.
  • Leads and assists in continuous quality improvement through on-going problem/needs identification and problem solving.

And other duties as assigned.

Education and Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

Education and Skills Required:

  • Current California State LCSW or PsyD License
  • Bilingual Spanish/English strongly preferred.
  • Knowledge of governmental standards, requirements and guidelines related including Title 22 and FQHC
  • Excellent organizational and communication skills. 
  • Flexibility and comfort in anticipating and managing change in a small, fast-paced non-profit clinic
  • Ability to produce accurate and precise work, detect and resolve discrepancies all while meeting deadlines
  • Ability to work independently and manage multiple tasks simultaneously.
  • Ability to work cooperatively with others and demonstrate good judgment in unusual and emergent situations
  • Ability to manage and de-escalate crisis situations.

Experience Required:

  • A minimum of 4 years direct patient care experience and 2 years supervisory experience desired; experience working in a medical setting preferred
  • Experience working with homeless, mentally ill, and substance using patients.
  • Experience working with populations with varying lifestyles, ages, sexual orientations, ethnic and cultural backgrounds and economic status.
  • Experience working with lesbian, bisexual and transgender patients.
Compensation: $90,000.00-$95,000.00
Type: Salary/ Exempt
Status: CA
Benefits: HealthRight360 offers a competitive benefits package
Hours/wk: 40

Job Location