Clinical Pharmacist

Job Overview

This position will be based at our Tenderloin Health Services clinic which is located in the historic Glide building in the Tenderloin neighborhood of San Francisco.  It is a vibrant, fast-paced, dynamic clinic that seeks to provide care in non-traditional models and is determined to meet clients "where they are at" by employing harm-reduction methods and continuous judgment-free unconditional care.
Under the supervision of the Medical Director the Clinical Pharmacist works with providers, care managers, and other clinical staff, in a team based setting as part of the health care team focusing on patient outcomes. The Clinical Pharmacist provides patients and providers with therapeutic assessments and selected disease management. The Clinical  Pharmacist reviews patient records to determine appropriateness of medication therapy and supports the patient through medication education and adherence. The Clinical Pharmacist provides a consistent process of patient care that ensures the appropriateness, effectiveness, and safety of the patient’s medication use.  The Clinical Pharmacist collaborates with the provider on patient visits, acts as a team member of the health care team, and provides direct patient care. The clinical pharmacist will see patients independently and work collaboratively alongside primary care providers to best provide comprehensive medication management. 

Key Responsibilities

Clinical care:

  • Assists provider and healthcare team in creating and managing the drug regimens of patients with chronic disease states (e.g. diabetes, asthma, CHF, COPD, HIV, Hepatitis C, substance use disorder etc.). This may include, but shall not be limited to, activities such as meeting with patients, adjusting medication dosages in concert with PCP, peak flow monitoring, and performing other services within the professional area of expertise
  • Consult with the patient’s providers to develop and implement a medication plan that can meet the overall goals of patient care established by the health care team.
  • Provides direct patient care and applies specialized knowledge of the scientific and clinical use of medications, including medication action, dosing, adverse effects, and drug interactions, in performing their patient care activities in collaboration with other members of the health care team.
  • Advise the patient on how to best take his or her medications.
  • Identify untreated health problems and refer patients to PCP or appropriate provider
  • Consult with healthcare team on dosages, medication substances etc. and advise on the correct administration of drugs
  • Assess the results of pharmaceutical treatments
  • Support the health care team’s efforts to educate the patient on other important steps to improve or maintain health, such as exercise, diet, and preventive steps like immunization.
  • Refer the patient to his or her physician or other health professionals to address specific health, wellness, or social services concerns as they arise.
  • Review and provide assistance with patients on multiple medications (polypharmacy) to help to simplify medication regimens.
  • Gather, maintain and analyze all laboratory data and record all required patient information and make recommendations to change dosage if required.
  • Provide clinical pharmacy input during the preparation of interdisciplinary care plans for patients
  • Perform medicine reconciliation assessments as requested by provider or healthcare team to optimize the patient’s drug regimen
  • Participate in quality improvement projects as determined by quality team
  • Conduct systems based projects in the electronic medical record to look for errors in prescribing or drug interactions
  • Serves as a liaison between clinic and community based pharmacies and hospital pharmacies as needed
  • Assists patients by ensuring access to patient assistance programs when needed
  • Leads the clinic team responsible for the prior authorization process

Administrative duties:

  • Develop clinical pharmacy programs according to policies and regulations
  • Review records of patients to determine the appropriateness of medication therapy
  • Keep accurate documentation of medication plans and patient progress
  • Provide education and training support to other professional services in the area of advanced pharmacotherapy, with emphasis on chronic disease states and prevention.
  • Conducts both formal and informal training for nursing staff, medical and pharmacy students and residents and other health care staff on drug utilization, dosage, incompatibilities, preferred dosage forms, evidence-based medication therapy and toxicity, etc.
  • Maintain record of all medications for patients in the EMR and ensure absence of all discrepancies and analyze all side effects and drug interactions.
  • Coordinate with all medical case managers and evaluate all high risk members to prevent all risks and participate in all patient associated meetings.
  • Attend Pharmacy and Therapeutic Committee meetings as appropriate.
  • Develop and maintain medication storage and dispensing  policies and procedures as appropriate

Quality improvement:

  • Participates in quality improvement activities as part of the healthcare team and as appropriate.
  • May champion QI activities related to medication prescribing, use, and adherence.

Other duties as assigned.

Education and Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

Education and Experience:


Education and formal training with Doctor of Pharmacy Degree (PharmD) from an accredited College of Pharmacy, clinical pharmacy residency or equivalent experience

Active and valid  California license.

Minimum 2 years experience as a clinical pharmacist with direct patient care, medication use and adherence evaluation, and medication adjustment recommendations based on lab results.


Ambulatory care experience preferred.

Experience working in community health setting with a homeless and multiply diagnosed population.

Compensation: TBD
Type: Salary/ Exempt
Status: CA
Benefits: HealthRight360 offers a competitive benefits package
Hours/wk: 40

Job Location