Employment Specialist

Job Overview

The CalWORKs program works with the Department of Social Services and the Department of Mental Health to provide mental health services, including individual and group therapy, rehabilitation support services, medication support, and Individualized Placement Support, all with the focus on assisting clients to reduce barriers to employment and, ultimately, to obtain and maintain employment. 

The Employment Specialist will work with clients to develop employment-related skills, and to obtain and maintain paid employment. This will be accomplished by conducting outreach to community employers, having strong time management and organizational skills, and working closely as part of a treatment team in collaboration with therapists, case managers, psychiatrists, and other team members.


Key Responsibilities

  • Assist consumers to develop employment-related skills and to obtain and maintain paid employment.
  • Outreach to and develop relationships with employers in the community to assist consumers to obtain gainful employment. 
  • Conduct employment-related groups for adult consumers.
  • Develop and monitor progress of clients’ individualized treatment plans.   
  • Work as part of treatment team in collaboration with the therapists, psychiatrists, case managers and other team members.
  • Assist in crisis and symptom management within assigned programs.
  • Provide field-based services
  • Maintain tracking and required documentation for employment-related services, per CalWORKs, DMH and DPSS policies
  • Meet expected performance hours as assigned by supervisor.

Education and Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

  • Bilingual, Spanish-speaking
  • 1 year minimum experience in delivering mental health services. 
  • Valid CA driver’s license and current automobile insurance.
  • Must be able to pass background/criminal check.
  • Preferred experience with Los Angeles County Department of Mental Health Documentation.


Compensation: TBD
City: Pasadena, CA

Job Location