Health and Wellness Coordinator - Serenity House

Job Overview

Serenity House is a 13-bed adult, short-term, trauma-informed, crisis residential program which opened in 2018.  Clients come to us through PES, law enforcement, family contact, treatment providers, or other community partners. We serve those who are currently experiencing a psychiatric crisis, those whose behavior is causing problems in their daily functioning and relationships. Clients have the ability to participate in a healing community environment, attend evidence-based therapeutic and expressive arts groups, meet with therapists, mental health case managers and a family advocate, and be assessed for medication needs. Treatment plans are individualized in order to meet the direct needs of the individual.  The short-term crisis-residential stay is designed to assist clients with stabilizing the current crisis and then returning to the community. Serenity House believes in our clients and works to play a significant role in the recovery process and journey.

We are looking for an intelligent, dynamic individual to join our team.  The ideal candidate understands that offering patients a professional setting where they are treated with dignity, respect and compassion isn’t just an ideal; it is the way and reason that we run our organization.

The Health and Wellness Coordinator has medication oversight responsibilities, admission screening responsibilities, care coordination and documentation responsibilities. This position is responsible for oversight of basic health care needs of clients in a 13-bed short-term mental health crisis facility. The Health and Wellness Coordinator maintains security of medications, provides health education as needed, acts as a resource in navigating the health care system and assists clients in learning to coordinate their own health care.


Key Responsibilities

Client and Medical Responsibilities:  Reviews Medical History Form for all new clients and assesses medical needs and potential issues. Ensures all clients have updated and accurate medication orders from their providers.  Provides consultation and direction for clients in getting medical, dental and health care needs met.  Communicates with clients’ physicians and pharmacies regarding medical and medication regimens.  Responsible for management and monitoring of client medications, including psychotropic medications and controlled substances. This includes documentation, secure storage, counting and destruction according to policy.  Acts as liaison with psychiatrists and other staff; monitors and communicates client compliance with regard to medications.  Coordinates medical services with other providers.  Cross checks medications for potential interactions.  Acts as a resource for clients and staff with regard to medication indications, interactions, contraindications and side effects.  Responds to medical emergencies and first aid needs.  Ensures current TB and medical clearance for all clients.

Intake Responsibilities: Complete assessment to determine the appropriateness of a referral. With support from the treatment team determines whether the client is currently experiencing a mental health crisis. Consult with program supervisors, when needed. Inform team members of the referral and the clients’ current crisis. Schedule the clients’ intake and assist with necessary admissions paperwork. Update all necessary documentation in a timely manner. Contact clients’ providers once a Release of Information is provided within 24 hours.

Administrative Responsibilities:  Maintains all medical documentation, including Centrally Stored Medication and Destruction forms, Medication Self-Administration forms, Controlled Substance Logs, Shift-to-Shift Count forms, Discharge Medication forms and various standard letters to physicians and agencies.  Answers telephone and maintains office. Responsible for signing off medications, counting controlled medications, reading medical log for up-dates, and recording all changes. Maintains supplies for urine and oral fluid drug testing and ensures Chain of Custody for all positive tests.  Collects, organizes and reports results of monthly urinalyses.  Maintains Health and Wellness office supplies and First Aid supplies.  Acts as liaison for removal of biohazardous waste.

And, other duties as assigned.

Education and Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

Education and Experience


-High School Diploma

- Two years of experience in a substance abuse treatment setting or mental health treatment setting

-First Aid Certified within 30 days of employment

-CPR Certified within 30 days of employment


-Bachelor’s Degree in related field  

-Medical or Nursing certification or license, i.e., Registered Nurse, Licensed Vocational Nurse, Licensed Psychiatric Technician, Certified Nursing Assistant, Emergency Medical Technician, Certified Medical Assistant.

- Mental Health certification or license, i.e., Marriage and Family Therapist, Social Worker, Professional Counselor

-Medical Course work in related subjects, i.e., co-occurring disorders, Motivational Interviewing, HIV, HCV, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, harm reduction, etc.

Background Clearance


-Must not be on active parole or probation 



-Culturally competent and able to work with a diverse population

-Strong proficiency with Microsoft Office applications, specifically Word Outlook and internet applications

-Experience working successfully with issues of substance abuse, mental health, criminal background, and other potential barriers to economic self sufficiency

Skills and Abilities


- Understanding of mental health diagnostics and the DSM-V.

- Understand how to communicate and assess an individual that may be experiencing a mental health crisis.

- Good working knowledge of medical conditions and health care needs, including mental health and substance abuse issues, HIV and HCV

- Ability to enter data into various electronic systems while maintaining the integrity and accuracy of the data

- Professionalism, punctuality, flexibility and reliability are imperative

-Excellent verbal, written, and interpersonal skills

-Integrity to handle sensitive information in a confidential manner

-Action oriented

-Strong problem-solving skills

-Excellent organization skills and ability to multitask and juggle multiple priorities

-Outstanding ability to follow-through with tasks

-Ability to work cooperatively and effectively as part of interdisciplinary team and independently assume responsibility

-Strong initiative and enthusiasm and willingness to pitch in whenever needed

-Able to communicate well at all levels of the organization including working with organization leadership and high-level representatives of partner organizations

 -Able to work within a frequently changing project scope while maintaining overall direction and structured priorities


-Knowledge of co-occurring disorders and trauma informed treatment

-Knowledge of Clinical documentation (treatment plans, progress notes etc.)

-Experience working with criminal justice population


Compensation: TBD
Type: Hourly/ Non-exempt
Benefits: HealthRIGHT 360 offers a competitive benefits package.
City: San Mateo, CA
Hours/wk: 40

Job Location