Med Tech - Pomona Residential

Job Overview

Prototypes Women's center is a 180 bed residential facility for women and women with children. We provide comprehensive substance use disorder, mental health, and psychiatric care by an interdisciplinary team of professionals. Treatment episode ranges in time from 60 days to 6 months. Prototypes is a fast-based environment.

The Medical Technician (Med Tech) is either a certified or registered substance use disorder professional who maintains registration/certification from an approved/accredited California agency. The Med Tech works in collaboration with other members of the multidisciplinary team to ensure best possible treatment outcome for the client and provide treatment in accordance with HealthRIGHT 360’s philosophy, goals, policies, mission and vision. The Med Tech provides supervision and oversite of the participants and children assigned the detox or behavioral health units. The Med Techs provide facility coverage by supervising the participants during: medication line, withdrawal management, and free time. The Med Tech is customer service focused and is quick to take the lead in providing crisis intervention and participant stabilization. The Med Tech has a high degree of self-awareness and the ability to stay calm under pressure.

Assisting clients in self-administering their medication. Teaching clients to self-manage their illnesses and physical health conditions. Coaching clients to make and keep appointments with primary care physicians, specialists as needed. Following established policies and procedures provided by the Medical Director to triage client medical complaints and link clients to the appropriate level of care. Screening clients for symptoms of common infectious diseases. Following the directives of the Lead Residential LVN, and coordinating care with the rest of the treatment team, including counselors, case managers, therapists, facility monitors.

Key Responsibilities

Direct Service:  

  • Maintains a high degree of self-awareness and the ability to stay calm under pressure.
  • Assists with assessment, intake, transition, and discharge of participants entering/exiting the withdrawal management unit.
  • Demonstrates strong crisis intervention and participant stabilization skills.
  • Complete detox/medication rounds and behavioral support rounds per protocol and frequency.
  • Monitors participant progress in withdrawal management or residential and maintains strong communication with the medical team.
  • Provides medical and behavioral crisis intervention and triages participants as needed within scope of practice.
  • Monitors the medication line and observes participant medication self-administration.
  • Documents participant medication self-administration with accuracy.
  • Works collaboratively with other members of the treatment team and communicates any behavioral concerns to the participant’s Case Manager, Mental Health Clinician, Counselor, Medical, and Psychiatrist.
  • Seeks consultation when encountering new and/or high risk medical or clinical circumstances.
  • Coordinate with referral sources for warm hand offs to and from the program.
  • Ensure Releases of Information are obtained and on file for all prescribing physicians of the participant.
  • Consultations with prescribing providers on behalf of Addiction Medicine Team (AMT).
  • Provide alcohol and drug counseling and support, maintain appropriate/ethical boundaries with all participants, monitor participant conduct, record participant activity, and inform treatment team of potential concerns.
  • Performs crisis intervention and communicates with treatment team as unforeseen situations arise.


  • Write and complete all progress notes within 72 hours of service delivery.  
  • Maintains compliance with due dates for all clinical documentation.
  • Responsible for completing withdrawal management paperwork.
  • Documentation must be maintained in compliance with agency policy and procedures, HIPAA, 42-CFR, and funder standards.
  • Documents all client UA’s using the UA form and a progress note.
  • Completes same day incident reports.  
  • Documents withdrawal management or residential medication rounds and behavioral support rounds per protocol.
  • Files the documentation of the rounds in accordance with agency policy.
  • Maintains all medical documentation that includes, but is not exclusive to Centrally Stored Medication and Destruction forms, Medication Self-Administration forms, Controlled Substance logs, Shift-to-Shift Count forms, Discharge Medication forms.
  • Ensures all medical documentation received from participants is uploaded into the electronic healthcare record and communicate to appropriate staff.
  • Documents client updates and incidents in the facility log daily.


  • Answers telephone and responds to inquiries regarding withdrawal management services within 24 hours.
  • Responsible for signing off medications, counting controlled medications, reading log entries for up-dates, and recording all changes.
  • Maintains supplies for urine and oral fluid drug testing.  
  • Collects, organizes and reports results of daily urinalyses.  
  • Maintains stock of OTC medications and First Aid supplies.  
  • Acts as liaison for removal of bio hazardous waste.
  • As needed, assists Office Assistant with duties of checking in visitors and monitoring visits, ensuring participants sign in/out with a valid pass, monitoring participants when they return from off-site passes, and checking all bags upon entering the facility.  
  • Responsible for signing emergency passes when primary counselor is out of the office.  
  • Performs periodic facility checks to ensure and maintain the safety and security of the facility.

Training, Supervision, and Quality Improvement:

  • Maintains full compliance with Substance Use Disorder Counselor requirements for registration and certification.
  • Actively participates in agency and team meetings.
  • Participates in training opportunities.
  • Communicates collaboratively with all members of the behavioral health team including: medical, mental health, substance use disorder, and other staff.
  • Completes all assigned trainings and Relias trainings in a timely manner.

Professionalism and Other Duties:

  • Arrange work schedule in accordance with the agency’s needs which may include weekends, overnights, and holidays.
  • Responds to requests for coordination of facility needs from Supervisor and other Leadership.
  • Attend regular staff meetings and other meetings as assigned.
  • Reads emails daily and responds when appropriate.  
  • Transports clients as needed.
  • Conducts random and planned room searches primarily in the withdrawal management units.
  • Completes random and scheduled client UA tests and documents test results.
  • Comply with agency’s policies and procedures.
  • Meet expected performance standards as assigned by supervisor.


Education and Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

Education Requirements

  • Registration or Certification as Medical Assistant from an approved/accredited California agency, or Registration as Substance Abuse Counselor from an approved/accredited California agency.


  • Preferably a minimum of two years’ experience in the human service field and demonstrated expertise in substance abuse treatment, relapse prevention, and recovery.
  • Experience working with clients experiencing acute withdrawal from substances.
  • Knowledge of and experience with providing trauma informed services.
  • Experience working successfully with issues of substance abuse, mental health, criminal background, and other potential barriers to economic self sufficiency.

Background Clearance Required:

  • Department of Justice background clearance.


Compensation: TBD
Type: Hourly/ Non-exempt
Benefits: HealthRIGHT 360 offers a competitive benefits package.
City: Pomona, CA
Hours/wk: 40

Job Location