Medical Assistant

Job Overview

Tenderloin Health Services provides quality, compassionate integrated healthcare onsite in San Francisco, placing our patients at the center of care to address total health and wellness using an integrated service model.  We supplement GLIDE's tradition of providing affordable, accessible and quality healthcare, offering a full range of traditional primary health care services, as well as mental health, substance use disorder treatment, non-Western medicine and specific programs focusing on testing, prevention and treatment of HIV/AIDS, Hepatiits C and diabetes.  Medical Assistant will work directly with primary care providers to triage high-need and chronically ill patients, prepare treatment rooms, assist primary care providers with examination materials, instruments and equipment, maintain supply inventories, perform laboratory tests, and provide health education and medical case management to follow-up with patients. 

Key Responsibilities

Medical Responsibilities:  Assist clinicians in the examination process.  Perform office tests including health maintenance screening, spirometry, EKG, rapid strep, UA and urine pregnancy tests.  Perform phlebotomy, injections, TB tests, breathing treatments.  Ability to track, follow, monitor and engage with patients who have chronic diseases.  Performing duties consistent with our patient-centered medical home model (PCMH).

Preparation Responsibilities: Perform intake, including vital signs, list chief complaints, allergies, immunization histories and complete chart forms, as appropriate to clinical protocols.  Place patients in rooms and prepare them for examination.  Clean, prepare and stock examination rooms.  

Coordination Responsibilities:  Receive and return telephone call from patients and pharmacies.  Assist in scheduling specialty appointments and consultations.  Monitor and ensure quality assurance of panel of patients facing chronic diseases.  Oversee patient panels, patient tracking systems, and ensure smooth, efficient patient flow throughout patient’s clinic experience.
Relationship Orientation: Establishes rapport easily with others; listens attentively to others' perspectives; uses good judgment when sharing information and maintaining confidentiality; appropriately expresses empathy.

Presentation Skills: Adapts presentation techniques to fit audience level and technical needs; develops and delivers communications that have clarity and impact; conveys confidence, presence, and professionalism; uses appropriate visual aids to illustrate key points and enhance learning.

Interpersonal Skills: Uses active listening and discussion skills to identify issues, ensure understanding, and facilitate problem solving; works cooperatively with diverse groups; deals with others in a pleasant and professional manner; accurately assesses verbal and non-verbal cues.

Accountability: Makes and meets commitments; accepts responsibility for behavior and outcomes.
Follow Through: Monitors status of projects and tasks; thoroughly deals with project details; delivers clear, accurate depiction of status.
Cultural Sensitivity: Ability to work with a diverse population while withholding judgment. Willingly open to learn and understand different perspectives.

Education and Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

Education and Experience 
 -High School Graduate or Equivalent, Minimum of 2 years related experience, Graduation from a certified Medical Assistant program
 -Commitment to working with the uninsured and marginalized populations including the homeless, mentally ill, substance users and HIV/AIDS clients
Knowledge Required:
-Culturally competent and able to work with a diverse population
-Strong proficiency with Microsoft Office applications, specifically Word Outlook and internet applications
-Experience working successfully with issues of substance abuse, mental health, criminal background, and other potential barriers to economic self sufficiency

Skills and Abilities
- Ability to enter data into various electronic systems while maintaining the integrity and accuracy of the data
- Professionalism, punctuality, flexibility and reliability are imperative
-Excellent verbal, written, and interpersonal skills
-Integrity to handle sensitive information in a confidential manner
-Action oriented
-Strong problem-solving skills
-Excellent organization skills and ability to multitask and juggle multiple priorities 
-Outstanding ability to follow-through with tasks
-Ability to work cooperatively and effectively as part of interdisciplinary team and independently assume responsibility
-Strong initiative and enthusiasm and willingness to pitch in whenever needed
-Able to communicate well at all levels of the organization including working with organization leadership and high-level representatives of partner organizations 
 -Able to work within a frequently changing project scope while maintaining overall direction and structured priorities

-Knowledge of basic medical terminology
-Excellent phlebotomy skill with certification
-BLS certification (must obtain upon hire)

Compensation: $20.00
Type: Hourly/ Non-exempt
Benefits: HealthRight 360 offers a competitive benefits package.
City: San Francisco
Hours/wk: 40

Job Location