Mobile Healthcare Service Operation Manager

Job Overview

HealthRIGHT 360 provides medical, behavioral health - substance use treatment and mental health, and dental care to clients who are suffering from homelessness, have a history with the criminal justice system, or are marginalized from care. This is an opportunity to engage those who want to help others suffering from homelessness, addiction, mental illness, and physical disease in care. The mobile will provide urgent services to patients addressing physical concerns, mental illness, addiction, and support in TB testing for shelter access. The mobile medical services will be provide in a mobile medical vehicle targeting neighborhoods of San Francisco with high numbers of homeless and those suffering from addiction, mental illness, and physical concerns. The goal is to address patients' urgent needs and help engage them in long term care. Mobile services will require collaborating with community partners and resources to maximize outreach and services.

Under the direction of the VP of Medical Services, the Mobile Healthcare Operations Manager will play a key role in ensuring overall efficient operations of mobile healthcare services. The Mobile Healthcare Operations Manager will be responsible for management and oversight of mobile healthcare services. The Mobile Healthcare Operations Manager will develop, execute and oversee aspects of service delivery, quality improvement and assurance, governmental regulations, licensing, regulatory compliance, program policies and practices, assess and addresses client outreach, needs, and issues. The position will be hands on, interact and coordinate with management, staff, and patients.

Key Responsibilities

Mobile Healthcare Services duties:

  • Provides day to day direction for mobile healthcare services.
  • Works hands on with the team providing mobile services.
  • Ensures day to day operations and functioning of mobile services; including parking permits and appropriate signage as needed.
  • Ensures a regular schedule of mobile services.
  • Works with communities to coordinate presence of mobile van, outreach, and services provided.
  • Liaison with community and community partners to enhance mobile healthcare services, evaluate effectiveness in support of community, and suggest changes necessary to meet the needs of the community.
  • Works with community to assess mobile services and recommend changes to the VP of Medical Services or Chief Healthcare Officer as appropriate
  • Provides administrative oversight of mobile healthcare staff, ensures staff scheduling to provide appropriate services.
  • Works with Operations department to ensure maintenance of mobile vehicle.

Management - Operational duties:

  • Provides operational supervision and guidance to staff on mobile van.
  • Oversees staffing schedule.
  • Helps to recruit, interview, hire, and terminate mobile van support staff as appropriate.
  • Ensure that HealthRIGHT 360 policies and procedures are followed
  • Continually assess and adjust patient flow for increased efficiencies
  • Coordinate administrative and mobile services maintenance responsibilities such as patient access, patient education sheets, patient experience surveys, client registration and other special projects
  • Assist the VP of Medical Services in the support and manage Electronic Medical Records ensuring compliance with all applicable laws and regulations

And, other duties as assigned.


Education and Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

Education and Experience


-Bachelor’s in related field or equal experience in similar role

-Minimum of 2 years establishing and running a mobile

-Commitment to and experience with mobile or street based services

-Experience in a Supervisory role

-Experience participating in and leading organizational change and re-structuring

-Excellent leadership, organizational and communication skills

-Commitment to providing nonjudgmental quality health care to those in need

-Experience and commitment to working with diverse communities


-Master’s degree in related field

Background Clearance


-Must not be on active parole or probation 



-Culturally competent and able to work with a diverse population

-Strong proficiency with Microsoft Office applications, specifically Word Outlook and internet applications

Skills and Abilities


-Detail oriented

- Ability to enter data into various electronic systems while maintaining the integrity and accuracy of the data

- Professionalism, punctuality, flexibility and reliability are imperative

-Excellent verbal, written, and interpersonal skills

-Integrity to handle sensitive information in a confidential manner

-Action oriented

-Strong problem-solving skills

-Excellent organization skills and ability to multitask and juggle multiple priorities

-Outstanding ability to follow-through with tasks

-Ability to work cooperatively and effectively as part of interdisciplinary team and independently assume responsibility

-Strong initiative and enthusiasm and willingness to pitch in whenever needed

Compensation: TBD
Type: Salary/ Exempt
Benefits: HealthRIGHT 360 offers a competitive benefits package.
City: San Francisco, CA
Hours/wk: 40

Job Location