Nurse Manager for Residential Detox

Job Overview

The Withdrawal Management program is a social-model Withdrawal Management program for people who are withdrawing from alcohol and/or drugs within a non-medical, residential facility. Our goal is to help clients in an environment where they feel comfortable and accepted so they can begin their recovery in a safe and peaceful setting. Each client is treated on an individualized basis and every effort is made by our trained professionals to help them achieve their goals. Our Withdrawal Management Team observes and monitors clients, role models and demonstrates healthy lifestyle behaviors, completes documentation (including documenting rounds and observations every 30 minutes), and assist in connecting our clients to ongoing service and supports. Our staff also monitor client medication adherence and support brief service plans and discharge plans.

The Withdrawal Management Nurse Manager (WMN) oversees the operations and clinical monitoring for Withdrawal Management clients. The WMN ensures that clients receive required monitoring, including but not limited to vital signs, regular monitoring and checks, and referral for enhanced care as needed. In collaboration with the Addiction Medicine team the WMN supports the provision of medication education, support, and adherence, the treatment with Medication Assisted Therapy (MAT) for clients with Opiate Use Disorder (OUD) and other Substance Use Disorders, and coordinates care for the client with the residential behavioral health team, the addiction medicine team, primary care, and other internal and external healthcare resources for the client. Oversees Drug Medi-Cal documentation compliance of Withdrawal Management program, including documenting medical necessity of WM clients. Oversees medication storage, disposal, and control in the Withdrawal Management setting as well as providing client health education as appropriate. Supervises withdrawal management team of other nurses and SUD staff.

Key Responsibilities

Leadership Responsibilities: Provides supervision and oversight for Withdrawal Management staff. Provides clinical leadership for client monitoring and client medication support. Participates in matters related to performance and quality improvement, planning, creates and ensures adherence to protocols. Comfortable in changing systems, champions change. 

Organizational Responsibilities: Provides oversight for and ensures proper and consistent patient monitoring documentation. Provides quality assurance in ensuring logs are completed and complete properly. Keeps up to date with operational and procedural requirements. In conjunction with Program Director, assures organizational readiness for accreditation surveys and ongoing monitoring and reporting of conformance to quality within the clinics.  Supports the interpretation of standards and processes to meet best practice standards established in the health services program. Coordinates and consults with the appropriate department heads within the agency to facilitate integration between programs. Supports care coordination support for clients to access all aspects of HR360 healthcare services. Serves on appropriate committees and work groups and other related committees of agency. 

Nursing Responsibilities: Monitors and triages Withdrawal Management patients. Manages medication storage, administration, and adherence for clients. Monitors patient medication use and helps to mitigate risk to patient by flagging high dose medications and potential medication interactions to the Director of Addiction Medicine. Also support Medication Assisted Treatment through counseling, education, and administration of injectable medications under the supervision of the addiction provider and standing orders. Provides appropriate client care education and counseling. Manages prescription refills under the guidance of the addiction provider and standing orders. Provides complex care and care coordination for all clients accessing healthcare services internal and external to HealthRIGHT 360.Works closely with staff collecting and reporting contractual data as necessary.  

Education and Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

Education and Experience Required:

  • Registered Nurse currently licensed in the State of California with a minimum of a Bachelor of Science (BSN) degree from an accredited college or university.  
  • Minimum three (3) years’ experience as a supervisor in a behavioral or mental health clinic or community health center.
  • Minimum three (7) years’ experience as an RN, preferred in ambulatory care, public or community health experience.
  • Certification in Basic Life Support (CPR).
  • Knowledgeable of nursing and medical practices and procedures, as well as laws, regulations, and guidelines that pertain to skilled nursing care.
  • Experience with efficient and effective treatment and management of clients with co-occurring mental health and substance use disorders.
  • Knowledge of and experience with providing trauma informed services


  • Experience working with homeless, LGBTQ, and criminal justice populations.
  • Experience and strong foundation in Quality Improvement.


Compensation: TBD
Type: Salary/ Exempt
Benefits: HealthRIGHT 360 offers a competitive benefits package.
City: San Francisco, CA
Hours/wk: 40

Job Location