Nursing Supervisor

Job Overview

Prototypes is looking for an experienced and qualified Nursing Supervisor to help oversee residential and outpatient program LVN's. The ideal candidate will possess experience in mental health/psychiatry, substance use disorders and addiction, and/or knowledge of community organizations or referral sources. Prototypes is one of the leading voices in nonprofits working to help everyday people overcome substance use, and we are looking to add to the Prototypes family!

Key Responsibilities

Ensure that Residential LVNs:
• meet intake timelines with regard to T.B. testing, Health Questionnaire's and the scheduling of intake physical exams. 
• Maintain and track medication sheets to ensure consumer adherence to prescribed medications. 
• Coordinate pharmacy services.
• Ensure consistent medication times consistently take place and that medical triage times are able to meet the needs of the clients. 
• meet assigned deadlines related to client documentation care-related tasks to ensure the highest care possible for our clients. 
• charts meet quality management standards per monthly utilization review and/or chart review process, including completion of review tools within designated timeframe.
• demonstrate responsibility for contributing to a safe work environment by meeting 100% compliance with reporting facility safety issues and incident reporting.
• triage clients’ medical concerns collaborating/coordinating with community medical partners.
• maintain up-to-date files and documentation. Work collaboratively as an integrated treatment team to ensure that eligible clients receive Medi-Cal during medical intake. 
• ensure lab orders are carried out within 14 days and that lab results are reviewed, and critical values reported to the psychiatrist.
• facilitate regular medical education, as well as health and wellness groups and individual meetings for clients to increase adherence and overall health of clients. 
• 95% of clients at your site report overall satisfaction with services as evidenced by quarterly client satisfaction surveys.
• Ensure that all licensing and title 9 and 22 guidelines are followed and remain in compliance at all times.

Ensure that Outpatient LVNs: 
• Interface with multidisciplinary team in treatment planning and service delivery. 
• Work as an active team member and closely collaborate with team members.
• Develop and assess effectiveness of individualized treatment plans and consumer progress.
• Assist with development of services to meet the needs of consumers 
• Maintain documentation in compliance with agency, HIPAA, and DMH standards.
• Assist in ongoing maintenance of consumers’ charts and other related documentation.
• Ensure that all clinical documentation is completed in a timely and accurate manner.   
• Perform other duties as assigned by supervisor.
• Arrange work schedule in accordance with the agency’s needs.
• Comply with the agency’s policies and procedures.
• Attend internal and outside meetings as assigned.
• Meet expected performance standards as assigned by supervisor.
• Assist prescribers with medication management of consumers.
• Assist prescribers with maintenance of medication cabinet.
• Assist prescribers with dispensing medication to consumers.
• Maintain and track medication log for multidisciplinary team.
• Coordinate pharmacy services.
• Approves all requests to see prescribers and ensures that documentation is in compliance.
•  Oversees and maintains prescribers’ appointment schedules.
• Oversee that all lab work received for prescribers.
• Reviews prescribers’ notes for billing accuracy.
• Confirms that there is a progress note for every scheduled appointment whether kept, missed, or cancelled.
• Facilitate medication education groups with consumers.
• Facilitate health and wellness education groups with consumers.
• Provide field-based services when necessary.
• Provide medication education consultations and collaboration to staff and student interns.
• Provide basic nursing services as needed.
• Provide injections as part of the Vivitrol Medication Assisted Treatment Program.

Education and Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

• Minimum two (2) years of experience providing nursing care in an addictions and/or behavioral health treatment setting.

License, Certification, Registration
• Valid and current RN license to practice nursing in the state of California.
• BCLS Certification.

Compensation: TBD
Type: Salary/ Exempt
Benefits: Healright360 offers comprehensive and extensive benefits.
City: Pomona
Hours/wk: 40

Job Location