Quality Improvement Manager

Job Overview

The Quality Improvement Manager (QIM) plays a vital role in developing and managing the continuous quality improvement and quality assurance programs at HealthRIGHT360 medical facilities. The QIM will work under the direction of the CHO and VP of Quality Improvement and in collaboration with the Vice President of Medical Services. The QIM provides supervision for the QI Coordinators who work closely with the Medical Director, Program Directors and staff on CQI initiatives and provides oversight for data management and reporting related to Clinical Services.  The QIM will maintain a high degree of professional competence and the highest possible ethical standards, and to function as a champion in improvement. 

Key Responsibilities

Management responsibilities: 

  • In conjunction with the Chief Healthcare Officer, VP of Quality Improvement, and VP of Medical Services, plan and manage Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) Plan and QI projects in collaboration with the QI Coordinators.
  • Provides direct supervision, support, and professional development for QI Coordinators.
  • Facilitate ad hoc Quality Improvement Committees: develop meeting agendas and facilitate meetings.
  • Participate in idea development and grant writing for QI-related funding opportunities.
  • Keep informed of local and national health care quality trends; develop educational materials and provide training and support to volunteers and staff on Quality Improvement methodology; engage staff in QI work; communicate/share results of QI projects and performance data.
  • Manage QI and HIT projects for the organization as assigned.
  • Use project management tools and software to support the organization in implementing long-term projects.
  • In collaboration with leadership teams plan, facilitate and participate in staff quality meetings.
  • Represent HealthRIGHT360 at and/or attend conferences, in-service trainings, and meetings at the request or with approval of supervisor.

Quality Improvement responsibilities:

  • Ensuring timely access to data and reports and attending and presenting at meetings.
  • Support clinical program staff in the development of operational and client care coordination workflows as they relate to QI and interfacing with health information technology.
  • In conjunction with QI coordinators maintains clinical program data collection, management and reporting infrastructure.
  • Compile, monitor and report data related to QI and QA, operations and individual program evaluation.
  • Conduct routine reporting for external agencies, including but not limited to: OSHPD, SFCCC and external funders.
  • Manage reporting software as clinical tool: train users, troubleshoot technical problems, validate and clean data, build queries and reports.
  • Along with colleagues, assist in continuous quality improvement through on-going problem/needs identification and problem solving and QI projects as assigned.  

Organization responsibilities:

  • Complete all mandatory trainings on an annual basis, including but not limited to Confidentiality, Fire Safety, Incident Reporting, Child Abuse and Maltreatment and Domestic Violence, and Infection Control.
  • Comply with all aspects of HealthRIGHT360 Policies and Procedures as well as all agreements with insurers and other entities, and all applicable statutes, regulations, governmental agency guidelines, and non-governmental oversight body requirements that place requirements our medical facilities.

Education and Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

  • Bachelor’s degree or equivalent experience
  • Minimum 3 years management experience with progressive responsibility required. Healthcare management experience strongly preferred.
  • Demonstrated experience managing complex projects successfully, from inception through implementation and sustainability.
  • Experience with Quality Improvement methodologies and process improvement implementation strongly preferred.



Compensation: TBD
Type: Salary/ Exempt
Benefits: HealthRIGHT 360 offers a competitive benefits package.
City: San Francisco, CA
Hours/wk: 40

Job Location