Registered Nurse - NCSH Outpatient

Job Overview

North County Serenity House, A Program of HealthRIGHT 360 was founded in 1966 to provide substance use disorder services in the community.  North County Serenity House provides a gender-responsive and trauma-informed environment, using evidence-based and best practices that recognize and account for the role that trauma frequently plays in substance use and criminal histories of women. For clients with co-occurring mental illness, we provide integrated substance use and mental health services which treat both conditions as primary. Our North County Serenity House Outpatient Program in Oceanside offers outpatient and intensive outpatient substance use treatment to women and pregnant or parenting female teenagers. Our outpatient services also include homeless outreach in the community.

Works as part of the Addiction Medicine Team and in collaboration with the behavioral health treatment team in the provision of medication education, support, and adherence, the monitoring and treatment of participants utilizing Medication Assisted Therapy (MAT) services for those with Opiate Use Disorder (OUD) and other Substance Use Disorders, and coordinates care for the participant with the outpatient behavioral health team, the addiction medicine team, and other internal and external healthcare resources for the participant. Assists the addiction team’s provider in the education, counseling and treatment with MAT under standing orders, provides health education around Substance Use Disorders and treatment, coaches and guides participants during the treatment process with medication assisted treatments.  Works with behavioral health staff in ensuring access and performs triage for participants seeking treatment for Opioid Use Disorder and other substance use disorders. Collaborates with the healthcare team in any quality assurance or quality improvement in the provision of substance use disorder treatment. Works along with healthcare team in the integrative process of Substance Use Disorder treatment, Mental Health, primary care, and other healthcare services. Collaborates with the Addiction Medicine Team in medication storage, disposal, and control in the outpatient setting as well as providing participant health education.  Oversees all aspects of designated MAT offices.

Key Responsibilities

  • Provides clinical leadership for participant health education, participant medication support, and within the quality improvement infrastructure of the outpatient program. 
  • Properly and consistently documents required information accurately on clinic records and reports in the electronic clinical record.  
  • In conjunction with Medical Director of Addiction Medicine and/or designee, assures organizational readiness for accreditation surveys and ongoing monitoring and reporting of conformance to quality within the program.  
  • Provides direct care coordination support for participants to access all aspects of healthcare services. 
  • In conjunction with the Medical Director of Addiction Medicine and/or designee, writes, reviews, and makes recommendations for policies and procedures for nursing or organizational processes regarding  MAT and in the future Ambulatory Withdrawal Management in the outpatient setting.   
  • Supports staff training in quality improvement functions related to their specific position; e.g., Medication Assisted Treatment, basic customer service and participant interaction skills; clinical documentation processes; incident reporting; confidentiality and privacy. 
  • Participates in the development of program areas that support nursing care, complex care management, care coordination, the participant care team, and participant continuity of care. 
  • Manages medication storage, administration, and adherence for participants. 
  • Also support Medication Assisted Treatment through counseling, education, and administration of injectable medications under the supervision of the addiction provider and standing orders. 


Education and Knowledge, Skills and Abilities


  • BA or equivalent degree.
  • Graduate of an accredited School of Nursing, Active California RN license.
  • BLS Certification or must obtain within 30 days of hire.
  • First Aid Certified within 30 days of employment. 
  • CPR Certified within 30 days of employment.
  • A valid California driver’s license and automobile insurance.
  • Must pass a background check and have at least 2 years in recovery from any substance use disorder.   
  • Culturally competent and able to work with a diverse population.
  • Strong proficiency with Microsoft Office applications, specifically Word Outlook and internet applications.
  • Experience working successfully with issues of substance abuse, mental health, criminal background, and other potential barriers to economic self-sufficiency.
  • Ability to interpret and follow Procedure manuals. 
  • Knowledge of how to navigate health systems and help direct patients to the proper level of care.
  • Familiarity with working on Electronic Medical Records.
  • Ability to accurately and efficiently enter data into various electronic systems.
  • Familiarity with HIPAA and ability to comply at all times.
  • Ability to oversee a medication room and involved staff, in order to provide observed medication administration, urine toxicology and processing of medical forms (releases of information, ER discharge paperwork).
  • Ability to oversee self-administration of medications in an outpatient behavioral health facility.
  • Ability to maintain integrity of medication inventory.
  • Ability to interpret urine toxicology for evidence of new use.
  • Ability to administer and interpret tuberculosis screenings via PPD.
  • Ability to administer clinical scoring tests for severity of withdrawal symptoms (COWS, CIWA).
  • Experience in administering Intra-muscular and subdermal injections (Vivitrol and Sublocade).


  • 1-2 years or equivalent experience, interest in working with underserved populations and in treating Opiate Use Disorder and other Substance Use Disorders. 
  • Bi-lingual in Spanish. 
  • Comfort working on teams and with safety net populations.
  • Knowledge of how to provide Trauma Informed Services.
  • Knowledge of detox from substance use disorder and commonly used medications.
  • Knowledge of co-occurring disorders and trauma informed treatment. 
  • Knowledge of Clinical documentation (treatment plans, progress notes etc.).
  • Experience working with safety net and criminal justice populations.
  • Knowledge of gender-responsive treatment. 
Compensation: $29.75-$36.00
Type: Hourly/ Non-exempt
Benefits: HealthRIGHT 360 offers a competitive benefits package.
City: Oceanside, CA
Hours/wk: 40

Job Location