A program of Walden House

In collaboration with the San Francisco Department of Public Health, HealthRIGHT 360 provides intensive mental health day treatment services to parolees who have serious mental illnesses. Because this population is extremely vulnerable to homelessness, chronic health and substance use disorder problems, and the cycle of re-arrest and re-incarceration, the intensive day treatment model functions as a safe place for parolees to spend their days, away from risky neighborhoods and encounters, as well as a source of treatment and supportive services.

What We Do

The Bridges Program provides an array of services for offenders with co-occurring substance use disorder and mental health disorders. Individuals can access resources and structured support, helping them achieve successful reentry into the community and avoid future incarceration. The principle intervention will be individualized, strength- based case management that takes a holistic approach to understanding and responding to the needs of individuals within the context of their experiences, environment, and goals.

The Bridges Program assumes a recovery-oriented theory of change, supporting the notion that individuals can learn to manage symptoms and utilize support to achieve recovery from serious and chronic substance use, mental health problems, and patterns of criminal thinking and behavior. Bridges clinicians conduct needs assessments and provide reentry support groups and post-release weekly caseload groups, fostering peer support for dual recovery and encouraging the use of skills and pro-social problem resolution strategies (i.e. Coping Skills, Criminal & Addictive Thinking, and other process-oriented, psychoeducational, and cognitive-behavioral groups). The goals of these services is to reduce recidivism and to reintegrate offenders into the community successfully, increasing public safety through effective case planning and service provision.

Contact Information

Intake: +1 (415) 226-1775ext. 10207