Men’s Residential Treatment

A program of Walden House

Program services address addiction and related issues, increase skills, manage stressors, develop meaningful links to needed services, and build a foundation for lasting recovery. Individualized case management helps clients make linkages with key providers to increase the availability and use of social supports for a successful transition. Such linkages include: resources for employment, referrals for training (fork-lift, truck driving, DOR, OSHA, HazWhooper, DOT), resume writing, employment leads, computer training, and education (GED, and basic needs). 

Services include individual, group and family therapy, trauma informed care, case management, family reunification,  treatment planning, drug and alcohol counseling, re-entry and aftercare, linkage to medical services (including HIV testing and treatment) and medication-assisted treatments (MAT) (ie: Suboxone). Our San Francisco programs link men with the HealthRIGHT 360 clinic for their primary medical needs, HIV services, MAT, and infectious disease prevention.