Residential Recovery Services

An AARS program since 1985, Residential Recovery Services is a culturally responsive, residential substance use treatment program that supports its residents as they heal and renew relationships with self, family, and community.

Residential Recovery Services is a comprehensive, drug-free, long-term 26-bed residential drug and alcohol treatment program. The program consists of individual, group and family counseling, educational seminars, recreational activities, art and drama therapy, and vocational/educational development. It offers a unique focus on family, community and culturally oriented approaches as part of its therapeutic community concept. This program serves San Francisco residents ages 18 and over.

The Residential Recovery program provides individuals the opportunity to express themselves through a process of self-discovery, to reintegrate with the community through sharing their journey and volunteer work, to develop essential skills to reduce the incidence of relapse, to understand that they are an integral part of a greater whole, to be culturally aware and sensitive, and to take an active part in maintaining and enhancing peer-to peer recovery.

Contact Information

Intake: +1 (415) 750-5111