DHCS Licensing:

In compliance with DHCS BHIN #22-022 and BHIN #23-007, please visit the following link to the DHCS website where you can view a list of all licensed and certified programs of HealthRIGHT 360, including their DHCS license number and expiration date.

HR 360 DHCS badge with grey background and red border. Text inside says: HealthRIGHT 360 SUD treatment programs are licensed by the California Department of Health Care Services. Click here for more information.

Code Of Conduct:

HealthRIGHT 360 is committed to ensuring all business and service delivery practices are completed in an ethical and professional manner by establishing and modeling an Ethical Code of Conduct, implementing, and maintaining a Corporate Compliance Program. The Corporate Compliance Program was created and is maintained, not only by dedicated Compliance staff, but by all HR360 staff. Compliance is everyone’s responsibility, and our policies and trainings address the requirements of accurately documenting, coding, and billing for health care services in accordance with State and Federal regulations and guidelines. In addition to our Code of Conduct, our compliance activities emphasize the prevention and detection of wrongdoing (whether intentional or unintentional).

We recognize that open lines of communication are key to support the immediate reporting of compliance concerns without negative consequences to reporters. In addition to maintaining a robust and timely internal reporting system for all incidents relating to client care, environmental safety and ensuring responsiveness to Code of Conduct concerns, HR360 also provides for and encourages the reporting of concerns by anyone and everyone. To encourage timely reporting, we provide the following avenues for reporting concerns, including providing the ability to report concerns anonymously. Clients, visitors, vendors, employees, truly anyone who may witness or learn of real or potential concerns can report concerns to the HR360 Compliance Department by phone or through the internet.

Telephone Hotline – HR360 utilizes a toll-free number, manned by a neutral third party, with live operators who can assist you with reporting concerns, either anonymously or by providing her contact information to assist us in having information requiring investigation and inquiry. That toll-free number is: 1-888-MY-COMPLY (1-888-692-6675)

Reporting through the web – If you prefer to write and submit your report directly via the web, you can do so at the following URL:

Notice of Privacy Practices:

Notice of Privacy Practices (revised 1/1/2024)

Medical Records Requests:

A signed authorization must be provided with any external information request.

To obtain medical records, please submit your patient signed authorization form to the Medical Records Department using the email address below.

 In case you need a patient authorization form or additional information on how to request records, please send your written request to the medical records department via e-mail. Please include your contact’s name and phone number. Plasse include a detailed reason for the request. Someone from the department will respond to you regarding your inquiry or request. The link for the authorization form may also be accessed below.
HealthRIGHT 360 Authorization to Release PHI SUD 2023 UPDATED 11.23.PDF


Concerns or Dissatisfaction with Treatment, Care or Services

Our Mission at HealthRIGHT360 is to give hope, build health, and change lives for people in need. We seek to do this by providing compassionate, integrated care that includes primary medical, mental health, substance use disorder treatment and re-entry services. Consistent with our Mission, HealthRIGHT360 (HR360) seeks to provide its clients with the best experience possible. This includes responding to any concerns or dissatisfaction you might have. We encourage you to approach our staff to share your concerns with them and to provide them with the opportunity to find a satisfactory resolution. Our staff are trained to approach grievances as an opportunity to learn how we can review and improve processes and approaches. Please do speak to a staff person if you have a concern or are dissatisfied with the treatment, care, or services you received.

How to File a Grievance
If you feel that staff have not been able to address your concerns to your satisfaction, you can submit your concern directly to the HR360 Compliance Department. We seek to facilitate resolution wherever possible. To help us in doing so, we ask that you share with us as much detail as possible about your concern(s). Dates, times, actions, statements made/heard – any detail which helps to illustrate the circumstances surrounding your concerns will aid us in understanding and addressing them.

The information requested in this form will aid you in submitting your grievance/patient complaint to us through our Incident Management System (by answering the questions in the online report) or when speaking with a neutral Hotline operator (non-HR360 staff member). If you use the online report form, you can also upload/attach a copy of this completed Grievance form to ensure we have all the details needed to help us address your concerns. You may also provide the completed form to a Program staff member and ask them to submit the form on your behalf. Your grievance must explain the concern, such as the reasons why you are dissatisfied with the services you received.

Overview of Methods to Submit Your Grievance

1. You might decide to start with a program staff member then up the chain of command to a manager or director, or you can go directly to the manager or director.

2. If you do not feel comfortable speaking with someone at the program, or if you have but you feel your concerns have not been completely or satisfactorily addressed, you can submit your Grievance directly to HR360’s Compliance Department. You can do so by choosing one of the following:

Call a third-party toll-free Hotline: 1-888-MYCOMPLY or 1-888-692-6675

Online to the Incident reporting system:
NOTE: Please choose “Grievance/Patient Complaint” as the Incident Category.    

Email your completed Grievance form:

Mail your completed Grievance form: HealthRIGHT360 – Grievances
1563 Mission Street, San Francisco, CA 94103 (For programs located in Northern California)
1000 North Alameda Street, Suite 390, Los Angeles, CA 90012
(For programs located in Southern California)

The information you provide to us will be treated confidentially to the extent possible while still being able to address your concerns with individuals involved with your care. If your grievance is not resolved to your satisfaction, further resources will be provided upon request.


HealthRIGHT 360 housing and residential programs provide reasonable accommodations to ensure an equal opportunity for clients with disabilities to use and enjoy our programs. This includes, but is not limited to, accepting clients’ service and/or emotional support animals, referred to as “Assistance Animals,” in our residential and housing units. Please speak with an HR360 staff member if you are seeking a reasonable accommodation, and they will assist you in having your request be addressed. For residential programs, you will be asked to complete an application to request a reasonable accommodation, which we have developed to better address clients’ needs while also ensuring the health and safety of other residents and staff. For outpatient programs, we comply with requirements relating to legally designated Service Animals only. You may also contact our Compliance Department directly at with any questions you may have about the reasonable accommodation process at a HealthRIGHT360 program or your request for a reasonable accommodation.

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