Mental Health Services

HealthRIGHT 360 offers a continuum of mental health services, including integrated treatment for clients with co-occurring substance use disorder and mental health problems. Services for youth are available through Asian American Recovery Services.

Our integrated treatment model treats both substance use disorder and other mental health problems as primary and seeks to educate clients about how these conditions impact each other. We believe that individuals can be supported to manage even the most serious and chronic challenges, and we blend this recovery philosophy with the best evidence-based practices available in the behavioral health field.


Most of our programs offer onsite mental health services including assessment, individual and group therapy, skills training, and crisis intervention. In addition, some of our programs provide onsite psychiatric services including initial medication evaluations and follow-up appointments. Our therapists provide interventions and support to assist clients to reduce symptoms, better cope with life stressors, fulfill their role obligations, and achieve long-term recovery.

The range of mental health services at HealthRIGHT 360 is broad enough to include options for individuals with varying levels of need, including those with more complex challenges. Several of our programs provide case management and re-entry support to formerly incarcerated, mentally ill offenders released from jails or state prisons.

Whether offered within substance use disorder outpatient, residential treatment programs, or through our primary care clinics, mental health services are arrayed to meet the specific needs of individual clients and their families. Skills training groups and classes assist clients to make sense of their experiences; manage painful emotions; cope with trauma; and make conscious, healthy choices for their lives.

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Many individuals access HealthRIGHT 360's mental health services when they enter residential or outpatient substance use disorder treatment. Potential clients are routinely screened for mental health issues and are asked to provide information about current symptoms, mental health treatment history, medications, and hospitalizations.

To speak to someone about receiving treatment, please call 415-762-3700 for San Francisco programs and 213-351-2808 for Los Angeles programs.

In San Francisco, it may be possible to seek office-based mental health services independent of a substance use disorder treatment program. Call 415-762-3700 for more information.

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