HealthRIGHT360 provides outpatient substance use disorder treatment to youth and adults in Solano County. Through the Solano County Adult Probation division we provide outpatient substance use disorder services in group and individual format as well as initial mental health services for adults with mild to moderate mental health issues. At the Solano County Juvenile Detention Facility we offer comprehensive mental health and substance use disorder services to youth. Services are culturally competent, client centered and strength based focused.

  • Positive Directions Adult Substance Use Disorder Treatment at Solano County Jail

Positive Directions is an in-custody program that aims to decrease substance use relapse and recidivism by preparing clients for reentry. The program provides evidence-based substance use treatment services that are gender-responsive, culturally, and demographically appropriate to meet the psychosocial needs of the client. Clients work with peer mentors and have the opportunity become mentors themselves following program completion. The program provides psychosocial assessment, group and individual counseling, individualized treatment planning, transition planning, and referrals to other supports.


  • Destiny Adult Case Management Service at Solano County Jail

Destiny works in the County of Solano to support adults who are either in-custody or have recently reentered their community. The goal is to decrease the potential for recidivism. During incarceration, each client works with a Case Manager to develop an Individualized Case Plan. These plans include: services to be provided during incarceration; services and resources for the moment of discharge that will meet immediate needs; and post-release services that will address longer-term needs associated with the transition to the community. Case management is assessment-driven, collaborative, strengths-based, gender-responsive, and inmate-centered. Clients are connected to in-custody programming, resources for obtaining needed government documentation, links to new medical homes, SUD treatment, and programs that teach emotional regulation skills. 


  • Esperanza Adult Case Management and Re-Entry Program in Vallejo and a Fairfield location TBD

Esperanza works to decrease the potential for individuals to relapse to substance use/criminal behavior. The program targets female and male individuals with histories of criminal justice involvement, both transitioning into the community and those already in the community and at risk for relapse to criminal behavior/substance use. Reentry Plans include resources for the moment of discharge from jail that will meet immediate needs, and post-release services that will address longer-term needs. The Case Management approach is assessment-driven, collaborative, strengths-based, gender-responsive, and client-centered. Case Managers work with clients to address needs, including sober living and transitional housing, stable housing, employment and/or (re)establishment of entitlement benefits, family reunification and counseling, finding childcare, vocational training, mental health and SUD treatment and ongoing recovery.

Service Areas:

  • Mental Health Services
  • Substance Use Disorder Treatment
  • Youth & Young Adult
Populations Served: Co-Occurring Disorders, Juvenile Justice, Probationers, Youth & Young Adults