Adult Residential Services

A program of Women's Recovery Association

Residential services are provided in a social model treatment milieu, which consists of the treatment community, the larger 12 step community, and other recovery support groups. It is peer-based and guided by the belief that recovery doesn’t happen in isolation. Our peer mentorship program allows new clients to be welcomed into the WRA community in a supportive and meaningful way.

The treatment milieu is guided by a number of principles:

  • Develop a culture of belonging, safety, communication, and participation
  • Teach, honor, and respect cultural values, beliefs, and differences
  • Provide a highly structured daily regimen
  • Rely on a support network and community for both support and healing
  • Regard all interactions as opportunities for change
  • Foster positive growth and development
  • Promote changes in behavior, attitudes, values, and lifestyle
  • Abstinence is the foundation for successful long-term recovery

WRA operates two residential facilities for women with a full range of treatment needs. We have an additional residential program for expectant women and mothers in treatment with their young children (up to age 10), which has an additional focus of increasing parenting skills and providing a safe, stable and healing environment for children while their mothers participate in treatment. Finally, our transitional housing program offers safe, supportive, drug and alcohol free housing that supports women as they reconnect to the community and adjust to their new lives.

Contact Information

Intake: +1 (650) 348-6603