Women’s Residential Services

A Program of Women's Recovery Association

An environment that fosters women’s ability to help each other heal, with a strong emphasis on safety, acceptance and community.

Residential services are provided in a social model treatment milieu, which consists of the treatment community, the larger 12 step community, and other recovery support groups. It is peer-based and guided by the belief that recovery doesn’t happen in isolation. Our peer mentorship program allows new clients to be welcomed into the WRA community in a supportive and meaningful way.

The treatment milieu is guided by a number of principles:

  • Develop a culture of belonging, safety, communication, and participation
  • Teach, honor, and respect cultural values, beliefs, and differences
  • Provide a highly structured daily regimen
  • Rely on a support network and community for both support and healing
  • Regard all interactions as opportunities for change
  • Foster positive growth and development
  • Promote changes in behavior, attitudes, values, and lifestyle
  • Abstinence is the foundation for successful long-term recovery

San Mateo Medi-Cal eligible


Intake: +1 (650) 348-6603

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