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Populations Served

A Program of HealthRIGHT 360

A network of reentry services available to residents of Central and East Contra Costa County.

About Us

We have been awarded a contract by the County of Contra Costa to deliver services under the Central-East Network of Services also known as The Network. The Network functions as a service-delivery infrastructure offering reentry services to local county residents returning home from state prison and County Jails (Returning Citizens) through a partnership between the county’s Probation Department, community and faith-based organizations, the Reentry Success Center in Richmond, local law enforcement, volunteers and other county agencies. The Network is dedicated to providing integrated, whole-person care designed to optimize successful outcomes and to reduce recidivism. Core services include Transitional Housing, Substance Use Disorder and Mental Health linkages, Peer Mentoring, System Navigation, Educational Opportunities, Vocational Preparation and Placement, Family Reunification and Legal Aid.

What We Do

HR360’s Network Management Team serves as the single point of contact for service referrals from multiple community representatives. Upon referral, HR360 Field Operations Coordinators (FOC’s) conduct a needs assessment and, working directly with the participant, develop an Individual Case Plan (ICP) to address those needs by matching the participant with existing community-based resources within the Network.

Towards the goal of assuring immediate access to services, the Network partners with numerous community and faith-based organizations that act as No Wrong Door (NWD) sites, strategically located to cover the entire geographical region. A Returning Citizen in need can enter into any No Wrong Door site and find immediate attention and direct access to the HR360 Network, turning all No Wrong Doors into The Right Door!

Once the participant enters the Network’s service continuum, HR360 connects them to carefully vetted community volunteers who serve as Mentor-Navigators (Mentors). These mentors shepherd the participant through the often complicated process of seamlessly transitioning from jail back into the community. Mentors often act as role models and positive support systems by providing encouragement and guidance as the participant navigates through the services and resources of the Reentry Network.

The Network also extends its services to those in local custody through its Jail In-Reach Component.  Working in coordination with the Public Defender’s Office, HR360 conducts in-custody, face-to-face interviews with those needing advocates for alternatives to incarceration or for access to community resources immediately upon release. 

Our Vision

For Contra Costa County to have a successful and sustainable collaborative system of reentry services. Utilizing community collaboration while building new pathways to living productive lives.

Our Mission

To assist returning citizens as they reintegrate back into the community, leading significantly reduced recidivism rates and increased public safety, while fostering family and community reunification.


The HR360 Network further fortifies reentry success by providing Auxiliary Funds to support positive life style changes such as job interview necessities such as dress shirts and neckties, business attire, bus tokens to get to work as the participant waits for their first pay check, application fees for obtaining a Driver’s License or California ID Card, emergency food vouchers or to see a movie with their mentors. 

HR360 provides Quality Assurance, Network Standards and Quality Improvement through all-partner Training’s and Open Forums designed to share best practices, identify and reconcile system existing obstacles, the sharing of resources, and recommendations for overall system improvement. The training portfolio includes evidence-based curriculum such as Motivational Interviewing (MI), Gender Responsivity, Cultural Competence, and Trauma as a pathway to criminality, Mental Health, Harm Reduction and Restorative Justice. 

ALL probationers under an AB 109 status, either residing in or returning to Central or East Contra Costa County are eligible for Network services. All other formerly incarcerated individuals, whether under supervision in the County or not, may be eligible after being assessed on an individual basis.  

Research shows that integrated models of care that provide wraparound services and meet the unique needs of a participant over the duration of his/her transitional process, yield positive outcomes for the individual, their families, and the broader community. Therefore, building collaborative systems of care such as the Contra Costa Reentry Network creates specific opportunities for the reentry population to rebuild their lives and stay free. This is done through the articulation of and a commitment to shared values and goals, shared participant responsibility, fostering mutual respect and accountability, and employing data-driven, outcomes-based best practices by all system partners. 



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