Lee Woodward Counseling Center for Women (LWCC)

A Program of Asian American Recovery Services

Lee Woodward Counseling Center for Women (LWCC) is a comprehensive multi-cultural and multi-lingual adult women’s outpatient program that provides integrated substance use and mental health treatment services.

Recognizing that recovery is a lifelong process, our healing approaches address the physical, mental and emotional health of individuals and families. Our program goals include providing a safe and respectful counseling space for people from all walks of life, reducing and eliminating substance misuse, and improving mental health conditions that lead to healthy and meaningful lives. We believe that behavioral health is a fundamental part of overall wellness for all families and communities. As a community, we can learn to recognize and address mental health, alcohol and other drug problems. Our counseling approach is strength-based, valuing and accepting people for who they are, who they have become and who they can be.

Clients receive individualized, client-centered and culturally competent treatment and case management. Services include intake and assessment, individual and group counseling, process and psycho-education groups, return to use prevention, recreational activities, and continuing care. Clients move through each phase of recovery to build independence, self-sufficiency, confidence, pride, supportive relationships, and family reunification by reducing and eliminating the misuse of substances.


Intake: 415-776-1001

1735 Mission Street
San Francisco, CA 94103

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