Multi-Agency Assessment Center (MAAC)

A Program of Asian American Recovery Services

Intervention and treatment services for incarcerated youth

The Santa Clara County Probation Department operates the Multi-Agency Assessment Center (MAAC) in Juvenile Hall. Based on the results of the MAAC assessments, The County oversees the development, monitoring and adjustment of youth that are detained in Juvenile Hall longer than 72 hours. AARS provides substance abuse educational workshops to rotating boys-and-girls units within Juvenile Hall’s MAAC Program two to three days a week. The curriculums used are Alternatives developed by the Change Companies and Seeking Safety, a model for treating trauma and/or substance abuse.

AARS provides individualized support sessions to address substance abuse and anger management/conflict resolution. Cognitive behavioral approaches are generally combined with cognitive-restructuring or skill-building methods, in order to reinforce learning and model as well as shape and reward pro-social behaviors. The Seven Challenges treatment model is used with those young people in Juvenile Hall who are identified as needing on-going substance abuse treatment services. 

For those youth that are in need of on-going anger management services, we utilize the Anger Management for Substance Abuse and Mental Health Clients – A Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Manual developed by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA). MAAC staff can provide services to those already in custody, as well as to those that are arrested and placed in custody while currently receiving services in any of our AARS Youth Programs.


Razelle Buenavista, Managing Director for Santa Clara County: +1 (408) 380-7302

Barbara Lee, Director of Program Operations: +1 (408) 271-3900

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