Social Model Detox

A Program of Walden House

The Social Detox Center is a 3-7 day detoxification/withdrawal management program.

The Social Detox Center is a 3-7 day detoxification program. Each client’s length of stay in treatment is determined by a variety of factors, including the history and severity of addiction and need for ongoing stabilization services. While in program clients may attend daily 12-Step meetings, participate in early recovery groups and receive some individual counseling and discharge planning.

Through early recovery group processes, we educate and help increase clients’ self-awareness concerning substance dependence and abuse.  Topics include: coping skills, high-risk situations and triggers, positive affirmations, self-esteem, stress management, relapse prevention, and introduction to the Twelve Steps.

The target population for the Detox Center consists of any SF residents referred through Treatment Access Program (TAP) needing detox services. We also accept self-referrals and referrals from a variety of community partners including hospitals, CPS, etc. HR360 emphasizes self-help and peer support in a humanistic therapeutic community and offers special programs for various populations with specific needs.  The program is multi-cultural, and actively promotes understanding and kinship between people of different backgrounds by encouraging a family atmosphere, the sharing of personal histories, and respect for each individual’s challenges and successes.


Intake: +1 (415) 967-5334

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