Populations Served

A Program of Asian American Recovery Services

Offering pro-social activities for youth and their families.

Every Thursday of the month, youth and their families are invited to the AARS Youth Services office in San Jose from 4-8pm for pro-social activities. Activities include games, ice-breakers, entertainment, instructional classes (guitar, dance, cooking), and dinner. The purpose of Social-Rec is to get youth involved in a safe place where they can interact with other youth, learn leadership skills, and be introduced to pro-social activities that will develop higher self-esteem.

Youth who are interested in further developing their leadership skills are also invited to engage in a separate group in which they learn how to plan events and activities. These youth then begin to develop the theme and activities for Social-Rec and are mentored to help facilitate future social recreational activities.


Razelle Buenavista, Managing Director of Santa Clara County: +1 (408) 380-7302

Barbara Lee, Director of Program Operations: +1 (408) 271-3900

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