Women’s HOPE

A Program of Walden House

Residential Treatment Program for Women and Women with Children.
Healing. Opportunities. Parenting. Education.

The team of providers at Women’s HOPE includes parenting counselors, therapists, and SUD counselors who provide wrap around services to support and empower our participants as they reach toward their goals.

This residential program offers specialized care to the underserved female population of San Francisco, including low-income African American and Latina women and their families/children, with a special focus on pregnant and parenting women with co-occurring substance use and psychiatric disorders. The program is gender-responsive and trauma informed, addressing substance use, trauma, mental illness, health and wellness, family reunification, parenting education, employability, homelessness, and sober living skills.

Who is Eligible?

  • Pregnant women
  • Women who have recently given birth
  • Women with children in their care
  • Women with children in kinship care
  • Women with open Child Protective Services (CPS) cases


Intake: +1 (415) 967-5334

More information: +1 (415) 624-3152

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